Success Stories

In the wild west atmosphere of the internet, experience matters. Our team innovated in the early years stopping online defamation and, through those experiences, we have learned when legal tactics will help alleviate problems and what will result in wasted time and money.  Unlike many in this space, we can call upon the vast resources of an AmLaw 200 law firm and are best equipped to handle complex internet litigation.  Some of our recent successes include:

  • Vorys was engaged by a successful investment advising company and its CEO, who were victims of widespread online harassment campaign. The campaign, which included several bogus news articles, blogs and press releases posted on numerous websites, were written and launched by a debtor to the company.  The defamation targeted not only the company and its CEO, but also the CEO’s family.  Vorys successfully obtained a judgment against the debtor.  Also, as a result of the civil work conducted by our team, the individual was eventually charged with criminal harassment, a first in the state.
  • An executive of a privately held corporation contacted Vorys because he was the victim of a massive online attack. Our client’s personal reputation was being damaged by the ongoing attack, which included malicious online defamation and persistent harassment.  The defamation – mostly in the form of false accusations of criminal activity – was posted on multiple websites and social media forums.  The defamer also distributed our client’s personal contact information on pornographic websites.  Vorys’ internet defamation litigators were able to put a stop to the attack.
  • We assisted a member of a prominent regulation agency defend his reputation from a multi-year harassment/defamation campaign.The defamation campaign was spread primarily through bogus news articles and photo manipulations published on various blogs.
  • Many of our clients are professionals and small businesses. These regularly include law offices and dentists whose reputations are being harmed and revenues damaged because of false statements about them online.  We have assisted a number of these professionals by identifying online attackers, negotiating settlements and recovering damages.
  • Creativity and innovation in the courtroom has helped us defend our clients who are being defamed online.Oftentimes, these individuals are being attacked by unknown individuals.  We know how to – and have repeatedly been successful in – defeating motions to quash subpoenas.  By doing so, we are able to obtain identifying information of anonymous defamers who knowingly caused harm to our clients online.
  • A popular tool for online attackers is to purchase and use domain names to defame individuals and businesses.In multiple occasions, we have obtained favorable domain dispute decisions.  Attackers registered and used these defamatory sites and, in doing so, infringed on our clients’ trademarks.  Favorable decisions in these cases resulted in the transfer of domain names to our clients.