PR and Other Support Services

We understand that online defamation attacks often result in reputation damage that needs a multi-faceted response. The complex nature of these matters oftentimes calls for an “all-hands-on-deck” approach.  We have developed both in-house Vorys teams and networks of external providers to meet all the needs that typically arise during responses to online attacks.

Strategic Communications – The Vorys Strategic Communications team regularly assists our clients with communications and media relations issues, such as crisis communications, investigative reports and reporter inquiries.  For example, we regularly craft appropriate messages, while using and applying our legal skills to protect our clients from liability.  We also develop PR strategies to mitigate our client’s reputational damages prior to filing, and during, a lawsuit if one is necessary.  Our team is comprised of former reporters and crisis communication professionals.  When additional support is needed, we call upon our network of reputable PR and crisis communication agencies.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists – Our crisis response team has experience working with SEO specialists, who can help mitigate damages in an efficient manner. Although never a stand-alone response, taking action in certain matters when defamatory posts appear in search results can be part of a comprehensive solution.

Expert Witnesses – Vorys has assembled a collection of expert witnesses who understand the true extent of internet damage and the realistic cost of removing defamation from the internet.  These experts are often called in for trials and for cases headed for arbitration.  We have also engaged internet marketing consultants to assist clients in recovering money lost from damages caused by reputational crises on the internet.