Our team uses investigative tactics to identify who is behind online attacks. Identifying and locating people hiding their identities can be difficult, but is rarely impossible. We understand and have vast experience using the most effective investigation techniques.

Vorys attorneys and our non-attorney professionals employ a variety of techniques to identify anonymous attackers, including subpoenas, forensic exams of computers and private investigators, among several others.  We know the most effective techniques to identify the anonymous attackers and understand that the sequence in which we use those techniques is equally important.

Businesses and professionals repeatedly call upon our firm to help identify the people attacking their online reputations because other law firms and technology companies have failed in their attempts.  Each situation is different and we can’t guarantee results, but we believe we have honed our techniques in a way that makes us confident in our abilities to identify online attackers.

We also understand the importance of identification in further legal action against the attacker.  Although the identification is not required to take legal steps to stop attacks, it certainly does provide more options and can shorten the timeline for results.