Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys Blog Featured in Recent LXBN Story

Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys Blog Featured in Recent LXBN Story

On April 9, 2014, we launched the Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys blog. Our goal was to serve as a go-to source for information and resources related to stopping internet defamation and removing disparaging content from the internet. 

Internet Defamation Removal AttorneysMore than two years and 130-plus blog posts later, we feel that we have met that goal. And we will continue to regularly publish content about recent cases and strategies for removing defamation from Google and various websites.

Our blog is powered by LexBlog, “the largest professional blog network,” which operates LXBN.  A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of being interviewed by LXBN’s editor, Zosha Millman, for an article about all things Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys blog.

For those who might be interested in Zosha’s article, we wanted to pass along a link to that story: “LexBlog Leaders: Vorys’ Internet Defamation Attorneys Build Out a Niche and a Practice.”  We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank our readers, including our subscribers.

About a year ago, our blog ranked No. 18 in site traffic volume out of nearly 1,000 blogs published by Am Law 200 firms, according to LexBlog’s “Am Law 200 Blog Benchmark Report 2015.”  We hope to continue to publish fresh content that both interests our readers (whether longtime subscribers or those who randomly stumble upon one of our articles) and also serves as a helpful resource for businesses and professionals concerned with potential internet defamation and related issues.