The Vorys’ Online Defamation group works collaboratively with a variety of businesses to better serve our clients.  We also work with our alliance organizations to educate others and develop best practices.  Vorys provides the legal innovation, but together we have developed strategies to combat a wide variety of online attacks.  

We are open to collaboration with a variety of businesses, organizations and associations.  However, here are types of organizations with which we regularly welcome alliances.

Cyber Investigators

We work in tandem with cyber investigators to support our legal efforts to stop online attacks.  We have a number of long-standing relationships in the field and our clients regularly call upon them for support.  Cyber investigators also regularly call upon Vorys to assist their clients.  Together, we have found unique, credible and successful tactics to help build legal strategies to end online attacks.

Online Reputation Companies

We help our clients end online attacks through legal action.  However, in some instances, our clients need additional help to improve their online search results, online presence, online reviews, and social media.  To that end, we welcome opportunities to introduce our clients to top-notch online reputation firms.  Together, we can find unique and creative approaches to helping companies stop attacks, recover damages, and solidify an online reputation and branding for long-term success.

Public Relations Firms

Oftentimes, our clients who are victims of widespread online attacks need not only legal assistance to end the attack, but also public relations assistance to help repair any reputational damage.  We have a network of public relations firms on which we call for support when clients’ needs surpass our in-house PR team’s capacity.  Our clients’ interests and objectives are consistently aligned.  As a result, we have been afforded the opportunity to co-present with PR pros across the country.