We help end online attacks of businesses and professionals and take legal steps to repair reputational damage.

Consumer Review Fairness Act: Now What?

Companies can still legally pursue the authors of false and defamatory online reviews. Plus, they can still negotiate contracts that contain non-disparagement clauses. They simply cannot preempt consumers publicizing their actual opinions (or penalizing them for unfavorable feedback) by burying non-disparagement clauses in non-negotiated form contracts.

How Not to Deal With Negative Online Reviews

When it comes to online speech, businesses can feel they are with little legal recourse.  It is something we see every day in representing businesses that are harmed online by disgruntled customers/clients, competitors, former employees and more.  This is what makes new opinions addressing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act significant.

Business Defamation Law

Who We Help

We focus our practice solely on the support of businesses and professionals.  We have counseled all sized companies – from those in the Fortune 500 to small physician practices.  We help repair reputations and reverse subsequent damage caused to revenues.

Defamation Litigation


Vorys is an AmLaw 200 firm, with 375 attorneys nationwide, and a practice group made up of experienced litigators that focus exclusively on complex internet defamation matters. We have litigated several high profile and first-of-their kind defamation cases on behalf of businesses of all sizes.  As thought leaders in the field, we have developed innovative legal tactics that have ended attacks and recouped lost revenues.

Defamation Investigations


Our team uses investigative tactics to identify who is behind online attacks. Identifying and locating people hiding their identities can be difficult, but is rarely impossible. We understand and have vast experience using the most effective investigation techniques.

Defamation Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Our litigation attorneys team with our online brand protection advisors to comb through online data to not only identify attackers, but also to ensure we can take legal action against them in court.

False Advertising

False advertising claims are governed by a number of laws, including the Lanham Act, as well as federal regulations and unfair competition, consumer protection, and copyright laws. Our attorneys have broad-based experience in the welter of statutes and other authorities that may affect false advertising claims.

Defamation PR Support Services

PR and Support

We understand that online defamation attacks often result in reputation damage that needs a multi-faceted response. Our in-house PR team regularly assists our clients to help change negative public perception that may remain.

Take a Deeper Look

Is your business being attacked online? We can help.

Vorys Online Enforcement Group

Internet Defamation

Our internet defamation group has extensive experience protecting and repairing the reputations of businesses and professional, identifying anonymous posters and removing false and defamatory content from the internet.

Online Seller Enforcement

We offer and implement cutting edge strategies combining legal, investigative, and technological techniques to efficiently and effectively protect clients’ online distribution channels, trademarks, and brands. Learn more.

Patent and IP Infringement

We have represented a wide array of industries and technologies in creating and protecting their patent applications. We offer comprehensive services that encompass the entire patent process and ensure our clients are protected. Learn more.

Misleading Marketing and Advertising

We help police the content of our clients’ competitors and meet our clients’ goals within the boundaries of the law, as well as facilitate the relationships between our clients and their advertising and public relations agencies. Learn more.

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